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The Spanish banks are ready to give the hypnotherapy credit for purchase or construction of the real estate to foreign citizens. Issuing the credit, advance the account (invoice) in bank of Spain for what it is necessary opens:
A copy of passport
The address of constant residing
A trade
The power of attorney on opening of the bank account (invoice) (not notaries)
The sum of crediting makes 50 – 70 from estimated (bank) of the real estate.
The company « BENILUX TERRA, S.L. » Is the official agent of leading Spanish banks La SAIXA, BBVA, CAM, that allows is high-grade to solve many questions.
The estimation borrows (occupies) with bank of cost of habitation from two about seven days. Consideration of a question on granting to you of the credit borrows (occupies) 1-2 weeks.
Usual term of crediting – 10 – 20 years under 4.3 5,0 annual depending on bank. It is possible to choose the monthly or quarterly form of repayment. The hypothecary credit is given on the security of the bought real estate. If buys the real estate a married couple, which wishes to issue the credit in the Spanish bank to sign the credit two should necessarily. If for any reason, one of spouses cannot be on signing it is necessary to give the power of attorney from its (his) name, issued notarially, translated into the Spanish language and certified by the consul. Making out the credit, the Spanish bank does (makes) the minimal insurance on bought real estate (which according to your desire, you can increase), and also offers you the insurance for "life". It (she) can be issued on one of spouses or on everyone separately.
The documents necessary for inquiry of the credit:
 Passports of the Trade the Address of residing of the Information(Inquiry) from work on posts and the salary (the salary should be designated, allowing to repay monthly payments for the credit) in Spanish (English) the Information(Inquiry) from bank of the country about presence of money in Spanish (English). The declaration on incomes or the document confirming last payments of taxes.