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Benilux Terra

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The real estate in Spain

The real estate in Spain is the dream which has become by a reality!

The mysterious country Spain borrows the most part of Iberian Peninsula, being the most southern state of the Europe. Spain is washed by waters of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; to it belong Bleary and Canary Islands. It seems, it already it is quite enough passionately to want to visit Picasso's native land and Distances. To visit and remain, for what it is necessary to get the real estate of Spain (a country house, a bungalow, etc.).

Benilux Terra

We offer the real estate at the Mediterranean coast of Spain from Costa Blanca up to Costa Del Sol under the prices of the builder. We have many offers and in the secondary market of the real estate. By inquiries of clients we carry out search of the real estate and in other regions of Spain.